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Martin Harris, CEO

2016 Annual Campaign – Thank You – Letter from the CEO

Martin Harris | January 4, 2017

Letter to the Editor:

On behalf of the board of directors, staff and 1,800 recipients of program delivery  from Webster Cantrell Hall we would like to thank the many individuals, churches, foundations, businesses and groups in our community and beyond for their ongoing support of our organization. I am delighted to share that the generosity and thoughtfulness during the holidays by so many was inspiring and compelling. The number of gifts received by those we serve increased beyond our wildest wishes. From those in their infancy to those in their latent adolescence all our program recipients received more gifts than they could have ever expected.

It is unfortunate that the reality for most of our young people we serve is that they do not have families to spend time with at Christmas. While this is terribly sad the generosity of our community is greatly valued and appreciated by them all and they are overly grateful for the love and gifts they receive from total strangers. While smiles are not always possible for most the holiday season was much more enjoyable than expected.

I wish to also share with the community that we set out on November 7th, 2016 with an ambitious goal for our Second Annual Fundraising Campaign of raising $100,000.00 in donations. As of the end of our campaign, December 31, 2016 we had received donations totaling $122,828.04. We had surpassed our goal by $22,828.04 as of today’s date which is quite remarkable. Again, please know we greatly value and appreciate the community’s ongoing support and generosity of our organization and thank you so very much for thinking of us. With funding at the State level being an ongoing uncertainty your support is integral to the important work that we do 365 days a year.

For those wanting to know more about WCH please access our website at webstercantrell.org or please call either myself or our Director of Development Ms. Holly Newbon at 423 6961. All donations to Webster Cantrell Hall are tax deductible.

Happiest of New Year’s,

Martin Harris

CEO, Webster Cantrell Hall